3 Powerful Ways to Know your Passion.
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3 Powerful Ways to Know your Passion.

A friend once told “My goal is, I want to find that one thing I love doing or I can call my passion, and work like crazy on it.”

If this statement relates to you, then this is meant for you. We are all driven by a purpose that is unique to us in life, and it is called, Passion. It could be a passion to travel the world, rescue animals, cook, dance and the list goes on. BUT in most cases, we are lost, and do not exactly know what motivates and drives us to go out of our comfort zone and do the thing we love. This could be really frustrating at times because of the feeling of lack of purpose in life. Now, I am going to share with you 3 powerful ways that young Thattiana used, to know her passion. It worked for her, it could for you too. Ps: based on true story.

1. Shift Your Mindset

When we are at the state of just waiting for a miracle, that someday our passion will just happen for us, we would not progress. Simply because, when we wait, our mind is clouded by unnecessary thoughts and that triggers negative emotions. We tend to worry and falsely believe that we are not good enough to be able to know our passion, and that drains our energy and demotivates us to actually act on anything. Thus, most often you will find yourself not progressing or doing anything at all, day in day out. Now, the simple solution here is to shift from a 'I shall wait Mindset' to 'It's now or never Mindset'. Commit yourself into learning anything and everything you can just for the purpose of expanding knowledge and wisdom. In other words, explore and try out as many things as you can. I mean what's the worst that could happen if cooking doesn't work out for you? At least you're left with some knowledge to murder someone with your dish. That is it! Better than nothing.

If the only fruit you have ever tasted is an orange, how would you know that it is the best fruit for you? Perhaps an apple could be your favourite IF you had tried it. Young Thattiana was a Finance graduate and she did not feel passionate on pursuing a related career, so she explored into learning skills on computer programming, farming, graphic designing, sales and more until one day she found herself loving the process of learning to play the flute. That is when she knew she had found her passion for music through that instrument.

2. Meditate

That's right, meditation is the most important tool you could use to know your passion. The reason is, we are all born with a specific purpose or passion in life and that resides within us. Remember I mentioned about how your mind becomes clouded with unnecessary thoughts and it triggers negative emotions? What happens is, overtime, these emotions overwhelms the mind and unconsciously we bury our passion deeper by the day. In other words, we become ignorant of our true Self and purpose. Therefore, all we need to do here is meditate to realign with the Self.

Meditation is a process of cleaning a cloudy or noisy mind. The more frequent you do it, the clearer the mind becomes and while you are exploring new things to learn, the faster your passion reveals to you. If you do not know how to meditate, learn a fun and engaging meditation technique here. In addition to this, meditation also provides you many surprising and proven benefits for your wellbeing.

3. Invest

The two most important investment you have to make in order to make this work is your TIME and EFFORT (and of course some money though). Just because young Thattiana was passionate about playing the flute, it does not make her the best flautist the world has ever seen, for now. It takes tremendous amount of time and effort to perfect that passion. Nothing worth having comes easy. So, go guns blazing to be the best version of yourself. Also, it does not matter how old you are, your financial status or whether you have a family to feed, you are more than capable of managing anything in life that is within your control and to work like crazy on what you truly love doing. We are all born to live out our purpose successfully in life.

So, quit waiting, starting acting. It will all be worth it at the end of the day. See you on the next post. Buena Suerte!


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