7 Ways to Increase Positivity to Live Your Best Life.

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1.  Positive Thoughts

Every thought you have emits a frequency to the Universe, and that frequency eventually returns to the origin which is YOU. Now, having thoughts happen naturally and that is part and parcel of being human. However, what you could do is take care of the quality of your thoughts and learn to cultivate more positive thoughts to increase your vibrational frequencies. This is because, regardless of what the circumstances are, you experience thoughts literally within yourself. Here is an example, you’ve had a disagreement with someone in the past, and today, thoughts about it rose in your mind. Now, you have two options. Cultivate negativity by dwelling upon how you felt at that time and become emotional about it now, OR, cultivate positivity by reflecting on any lessons to be learned to improve yourself with an open mind and move on with a smile. You choose, as you are solely responsible for yourself.

2. Positive Circle

Different people bring out different versions of you as they have a direct influence on your frequency. If you surround yourself with cheerful people, you too will enter into this vibration. On the other hand, surround yourself with complaining and pessimistic people, and your vibrational frequencies are most likely to be lowered. That aside, ever wondered why most people are easily cheered by their pets? That’s simply because pets have nothing else to offer other than their pure love and joy.

3. Songs

Songs are very powerful. The vibrations emitted through sound can heal or drain you. If you had noticed, people who are going through some rough patches, or are emotional, tend to be more drawn to depressing songs. Simply because the lyrics, meanings and vibrations it carries matches their lower vibrational frequencies. Though it is OK to have these moments at times, it is important not to dwell in that space for too long as it only accumulates negativity within. Thus, listen to songs that are uplifting, calm and joyful by nature. Pay attention to the lyrics of the songs you listen to. The aligned energy vibrations between the music and your system will harmonize your energy field.

4. Things You Watch

Watching too much of programmes that addresses fear, misfortune, and violence could be detrimental to your wellbeing too, especially when it triggers emotions. This is because, the brain accepts it as a reality and releases all the chemistry in your body, causing your vibrational frequency to be affected. Have you ever watched zombie movies and find yourself secretly preparing and plotting strategies in your mind to survive an apocalypse? OR a serial killer movie and later finding yourself worrying about the safety of your loved ones? That is the kind of negativity we don’t want. It seems petty but it does its damage overtime. Therefore, watch the things that do you good.

5. Your Environment

Take care of what you already have. Improve what is around you. When you do this, you’re unconsciously showing the Universe that you are fit to receive much more. Clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind and spirit. You know what to do now, get up, look around, and start improving. Here are some tips to get started.

6. Speech

Be conscious of the words you use as it affects your vibrational frequency big time. For example, HOPE versus BELIEVE. When you hope for something, you’re unconsciously saying that the result that is expected has a 50% chance of success and failure. Thus, the Universe has an option to deliver either one. However, when you believe to achieve something, you’re saying that the result is a 100% success. Though both words seem positive, there are differences with how your intent is being projected. Now, reflect on how did things turn out for you when you hoped and believed for something.

7. Gratitude

Gratitude opens the door for goodness to flow into your life. This is a habit you should incorporate right now. Start giving thanks for everything you have in life today. You will realize that, as you’re doing it with full of conviction, an unexplained feeling of goodness will be felt within you. That positivity enhances your vibrational frequency. 

There you go, the 7 Ways to Increase Positivity to Live Your Best Life. Now that you gained some knowledge, you shall practice it in your life for you to be able to reap the benefits. Good luck! See you in the next post 😊 Read previous posts here.ImageImage[/cs_content_seo]

Sharran Nathan

We are passionate about Self empowerment and care and we believe you are too! Let's become empowered together and live a successful life effortlessly. Making the right decision based on what's right for the Self.