Gratitude to Empowerment in 2020

Towards the end of 2019, we had a request from several people – would HH SwamiGuru lead a meditation session and, thereafter, consent to offering blessings for the New Year? The answer was a resounding yes. Saturday, 4 January 2020 was indeed a blessed morning. And there was a surprise towards the end!


We kickstarted this session with a guided meditation of empowerment led by HH SwamiGuru. This lasted some 50 minutes and, without doubt, everyone who participated felt energised at the end of it.


Why gratitude? This is best explained by HH SwamiGuru in a passage from his best-selling book, ‘Making Miracles for the Self’:

The more gratitude you have, the more blessed you will feel. The more blessed you feel, the more you will continuously endorse the blessings you have received. And what is the most beautiful outcome of this? You will realise that you are already blessed. You will be able to cherish the blessings you already have. You become EMPOWERED!


Thereafter, there was a special session during which individuals who practiced differing religious faiths chose to recite passes that showed their gratitude. Last but not least, we were privy to something special that was unveiled for the New Year – a prayer called ‘Gratitude’ which was composed by HH SwamiGuru.





YOU are the ONE who gave me life.

YOU are the ONE who creates life.

YOU ensured that a world is created just for me.

YOU created the stars, the sun, the moon, and the whole universe.

YOU showed me the power of YOUR love, through YOUR creation.

YOU made me fall, to make me learn to lift myself up.

YOU made me cry, to show me YOUR love through the tears.

YOU gave me pain, to remind me the healer that YOU are.

YOU are all Love.

YOU made me lonely, to feel YOUR embrace.

YOU created silence, to let me hear YOU.

YOU listen every moment, even when I am not speaking.

YOU created society to teach me kindness.

YOU created relationships to teach me love.

YOU created the world to teach me humanity.

YOU perfected me, and YOU have never stopped the perfection.

YOU made me and took the pride in all the achievements.

YOU made me realise that I reflect YOU.

YOU made me realise that I reflect YOUR love and YOUR grace.

I live to serve YOU and to love YOU.

I live to celebrate YOU and to glorify YOU.

I surrender to YOU, in endless, eternal, faith.

YOU are the Reason.

YOU are all LOVE.




Incidentally, Sharran Nathan recited GRATITUDE during the official launch of ‘Making Miracles for the Self’ on 10 January 2020. Click on the following link to listen to Sharran’s recitation:







Many of us at 7C Life continue a practice started last year, which was to keep a Gratitude Journal. We made a conscious decision to become more grateful for all we have received. To ensure that we have properly followed this process, we stuck to the steps set out in ‘Making Miracles for the Self’, namely:

  • Step 1: Instead of writing 10 things to be grateful for, we chose five. We elaborated on them and never repeated an entry.
  • Step 2: Each entry was personal. Instead of writing “I am grateful for my house”, we wrote, “I am grateful that my father invested his time and money to build this home for us to grow up in.” Also, we learnt to focus on the people in our lives rather than the things we were grateful for.
  • Step 3. The last thing we did was a deleting process. The question we asked was, “What would life be like without …?”


If you have invested in a Gratitude Journal, we would love to know your experiences using one. On that note, while there is a lot to be grateful for in 2019, let us go into 2020 with purpose and faith that we will be successful in whatever we do. 

Catherine Yong

Catherine Yong is the Head of Publications at 7C Life RealiZation Centre ( an organisation that is aimed at teaching people to achieve clarity of mind and live successful lives by practising mindfulness.