How to Literally Shut the Noises in Your Head in Just 2 Minutes.

How to Literally Shut the Noises in Your Head in Just 2 Minutes.

If we want to color our mind with a virtuous motivation and stay focused, we need to clear away all the noises in our head. One technique that you could use to achieve this is by the floating feather meditation, which prepares our mind for developing a good motivation. Similar to meditation techniques like vipassana, transcendental, and yoga, the floating feather technique is another fun, engaging and easy to practice for greater focus and clarity of mind. So, let’s get to it shall we?

Create a Rhythm

First things first, sit up straight, whether you're on the floor or in a chair. Relax your face and shoulders. A great posture enhances your meditation experience. Once you are all comfy, take a long, deep breath and fill your belly and chest with air. As you exhale, make a soft "ffffffffff" sound, extending the outbreath as long as you can without straining. At the end of the exhalation, use the abdominals to push out the last bit of breath. Pause for two counts, then inhale again. Repeat this pattern of breathing, establishing a slow count of four for the inhalation, pausing for two counts, a slow count of four for the exhalation (using the "ffffffff" sound), and a pause for two counts at the end of the exhale. Continue breathing this way, internalizing the rhythm until you no longer have to count.

The floating feather technique

Now envision a small white feather  on the floor in front of you. As you inhale, imagine the feather rising off the floor a few inches, hovering as you pause, and descending as you exhale. It may be difficult at first to stay with the visualization, but don't be hard on yourself. With time and practice, you'll be able to hold the image in your mind for longer periods, adding detail and even imagining the feather rotating as it rises and falls. The breathing and the feather techniques are some of the methods that can be used to get your mind to be focused.

Let it Go

If during this process of calming, your mind wanders to see a movie, to play a game, to check on your kids or to look at the report that you need to submit to your boss, let it go.

You see, if you allow you mind to wander and do what it wants to do at that moment, slowly the mind becomes calm. It does not need to wander anymore because there is nowhere to go to anymore.

Increase the Frequency

Eventually, by the end of 2 minutes, you would feel so much more calm and focused. BUT! In order for you to maintain this state of mind always, your mind needs to be trained or a habit of being focused should be instilled. To achieve this, do more frequencies of this meditation with pockets of 2 minutes wherever and whenever possible. It could be right after you wake up in the morning, while you're in the shower, or right before you head outside. (Don't do it while you're driving though).  Anyway, you get the idea right? So, start right away! Do it consistently and you shall reap the full benefits of a calm and focused mind. You might become the next Jedi though. May the force be with you...

Sharran Nathan

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