The Secret You Must Know To Live Effortlessly.

The Secret You Must Know To Live Effortlessly.

Just Be

I have been meditating for many years now, some of the meditation sessions have been powerful, totally blissful and much more. Last night's meditation was the most beautiful ever. It had the feeling of ascension into a Universe full of grace. I felt the angels taking me to higher dimensions in the Universe. I could embrace and feel the stillness in it too. I could not even remember breathing. When I realized that I was not breathing, I started to breathe gracefully and it had a beautiful flow. I concluded that this meditation was beautiful because I did not have any expectations, I did not make an effort to clear my mind; I just closed my eyes and "just be". The rest came effortlessly. I was so energized that I did not go to sleep till 5.30am. This further endorses that life is in fact simple and effortless.

What does it mean when we say effortless? It is actually getting from making an effort to get it, and then when you get it, it comes to you naturally that you don't make an effort to do it anymore. Let me give you an example, maybe two examples. First, can you take a chair and balance it on its two legs only? It would be difficult, and even if you did manage to do it, it would remain in balance for only a few seconds. Similarly, when we were young, we had to use a walker to help us stand on our two feet before we learned how to balance ourselves to walk. Now, though, we make an effort to walk to get the remote control, go to the kitchen and everywhere else, but the effort to balance ourselves has become totally effortless that it is natural to be walking and living.

Let me give you another example that you could remember better: riding a bicycle. When you made your first attempt, you would have tried to get that balance, but once you got the hang of it, you balance yourself perfectly well immediately without any effort of trying to balance. You just ride the bicycle. So you need to understand that life also works in the same principle. You will realize that life is simple and effortless. Fishes don't make an effort to swim, they just do. Flowers don't make an effort to grow, they just grow. Why are we making an effort to live? We are part of this universe, part of this nature and we should live naturally just like the fishes and the plants. All you need to do is LIVE, you don't need to live it in any other people's terms or perception. If you understand that living is that simple, you will get that "bicycle balance" moment and the living will be effortless.

Sharran Nathan

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