How to be 100% Sure that You Made The Right Decision.
There is no Right or Wrong! How do you decide on what is right for YOU?

How to be 100% Sure that You Made The Right Decision.

"The problem is not the problem, the problem is your ATTITUDE towards the problem."

~ Captain Jack Sparrow

Decision making is part and parcel of our daily lives, something that we cannot run away from. Often, we question ourselves if the decision we made was right or wrong. We tend to make decisions based on what society expects us to do, on what is “expected” from us. Let us understand the simplicity in making decisions, however complex the choices may seem. Reminding ourselves that Life is Simple.

Making Decisions

We are always making decisions in our lives. In fact, we make many decisions every single day. What time should I leave for work? What would I like to eat today? Should I buy this? Should I go ahead with this idea? We are blessed to have been given choices in life. That's the beauty of being human. Now you can give yourself a pat on your back because you have another reason to celebrate! The question though, is how to make the right choices in life? Let me share a secret with you about choices: there is never a “right choice”. It is always a question of "this one" or the "other one". There is no right or wrong. So, since there are no wrong choices, this only means that any choice you make is right. That's all it is to it. Life is simple.

Though it is simple, I need you to understand that it is important to “believe” that you have made the right choice or decision. You need to “know” you have made the right decision. Most often, we are suddenly confronted with choices. I am not discussing about the simple decisions that you make on a daily or routine basis: where to eat, what time to go, when to pay etc. These decisions are actually consequences or results of the major decisions that you have made earlier in your life. These are simply decisions you have chosen to live with.

Big Decisions

Here I am talking about the major decisions that you make, for example, decisions on how to spend a tremendously huge amount of money on something that you “think” you need. For business ventures, no one makes decisions spontaneously. You tend to study and analyse the market first before coming up with your decision. If you decide spontaneously, then it is most likely just wrong.

When it comes to major decisions like this, you will spend almost every single minute going through the pros and cons before finally settling your mind on one outcome. Whenever we are in the situation of making critical decisions, we normally do not get the right feeling. Why is this so? It is because our mind is talking to us, justifying what we should do, playing with our emotions, telling us which one is the right decision. It may be right, but how do we know it is not wrong? Can you recall the many times that you made a choice to buy something, only to regret it later on, simply because it was your decision to stand by your choice, though deep down inside you know that it was wrong.

Restart and decide

The simple technique that I am talking about is on removing that situation. If you feel you are not ready to make a decision, just sleep on it. I mean literally sleep on it.

You cannot make the right decision spontaneously; because your mind will continue to justify that you should make a choice immediately. The mind will “help” you come up with all sorts of justifications for it. That is your conscious mind at work. You need to quiet it down. Throw away the need to make the decision on the spot. 

Remember the saying "I need to sleep on it"? This is exactly what you need to do. When you do sleep on it, you will realize that your mind is not bothering you with the so-called “details or justifications” anymore. When you go to sleep, your conscious mind goes to sleep, and your sub-conscious mind takes charge. Your sub-conscious mind helps you make the “true” right decision. It knows what is right for your life and soul. In the morning, you will wake up with a refreshed mind that has made the right decision. Whether it is a yes or no, all you have to do now is act on it, and stick by it.

Stand Your Ground

No matter what the rest of the world expects you to do, you need to feel proud and stick by your decision. You need to Believe in the decision you have made. This is the way we are created to function. Just like when your computer does not work the way it is supposed to, and you restart it only to find that it now works without a problem. You will wonder what the issue was in the first place. It wasn’t working, but now it works fine. That's how you will feel in the morning after you have slept on a decision. You will ask yourself: What was the issue about this decision in the first place? The answer is so clear to me now.” That's all to it. Life is simple. Enjoy it.

Sharran Nathan

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