Deep Healing

$ 25.00

It’s a feeling of renewal you can feel deep-in-your-bones.

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Our bodies are capable of self-healing but we often derail from our path to recovery due to stress.

This session will help you to release the accumulated stress and tensions in your mind and body.

After your body is removed of stress and negativity, the energies within will be able to balance itself. once again.

This serves as a special inner booster to support your immune system and revitalise your natural self-healing.

It ultimately uplifts you to a level of Being where everything goes well as we increase our connection to the energies of the Universe and those within yourself.

All you need to do is just focus and relax in the session and the guided meditation will do its work.

What do you gain?

Harmonised energies in your body and mind
 A boosted immune system
Improved mood
  An energetic start to each day

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