Sound Healing Therapy

$ 25.00

Immerse in soothing sounds for a cellular level reset.

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This session can help address our well-being by helping us find our centre and feel grounded, once again.

Sound healing can move us from a state of imbalance to a state of perfect balance. For thousands of years, various cultures use sound vibrations as a proven tool  to heal. Sound and music have also been used through the ages during celebrations of joy and bonding

The sounds, vibrations and frequencies that we use during our sessions, are carefully crafted to be able to resonate within our bodies at a cellular level, and create positive change to our cells. During the session, every cell in our body is vibrating in unison to create a sense of oneness within us.

This sound healing session will affect our whole being, physically, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, and holistically. The waves of sound uplift us to a higher plane, increasing our connection with Nature and the Universe. 

Sound healing may help you:

 Alleviate anxiety and depression
 Reduce stress
 Strengthen immune system
 Increase awareness of ourselves and our relation to the Universe

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