Clarity April 2019 (Spinning the Wheels Inside by HH SwamiGuru)

On the last Friday of each month, we at 7C Life RealiZation Centre conduct the Sri Chakra Pooja. The aim of this pooja is to practice focusing the mind on the geometric symbol of the universe which called the Sri Chakra. Many people are already aware that the word ‘chakra’ originates from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ or ‘turning’. Beyond that, however, there are often more questions. What is the significance of the Sri Chakra? What, actually, are chakras? Is there any science to all this?

The answers begin with an understanding that from cymatics (the study of waves and frequencies), scientists are able to see what the most universal sound vibration – ‘Om’ – looks like. When put under a tonoscope, ‘Om’ produces the formation of the Sri Chakra. As such, the Sri Chakra is the geometrical symbol of the universe and it has the powerful energies of the universe stored within its formation.

During the Sri Chakra Pooja, our recitation of the mantras produce unique sound vibrations which invoke powerful masculine and feminine energies of the universe. As these eregies expand, they enhance the energry centres within the human body. There are seven main energy centres in the subtle body, which are located along the spine. Collectively referred to as the seven chakras, they are in a constant state of flux and spin in a clockwise fashion, thereby energising other parts of the body.


Before taking a closer look at these seven chakras, it is important to accept that each chakra has a specific role in managing your physical and emotional well-being, and enhancing your immune system.

The first chakra is the Root chakra. Also known as the Muladhara chakra, it is located at the genitals and the base of the spine. When the energies to your Muladhara chakra are blocked, you have low self-esteem, become aggressive and confused. Your behaviour keeps people away, but you’re not even aware that this is happening. Someone with a balanced Muladhara chakra will exhibit a healthy lifestyle, be self-confident and well-grounded.

Having a balanced Swadhisthana chakra helps you accept who you truly are. Also called the Sacral chakra, it is located in the lower abdomen. You will be comfortable with yourself and engage in healthy relationships with those around you. When it’s not in balance, you can withdraw mentally and suffer from phobias like fear of the dark, being alone, flying, heights, crowds or water.

Do you find yourself apologising frequently or procrastinating too often? These may be signs of a weak Manipura chakra. The third chakra, it is located above the navel and below the breast bone. Also known as the Solar Plexus chakra, it helps you express yourself with confidence and command authority. You no longer wonder how society is reacting to you and live for yourself rather than others.

Feeling bitter about past relationships and unable to maintain a loving one with your present partner? Perhaps, the energies in your Heart chakra, also known as the Anahata chakra, are blocked. Located in the centre of the breastbone, the Anahata chakra helps you achieve the emotional balance you need in your daily life.

Located at the base of the neck, the Vissudha chakra has everything to do with unlocking a your hidden abilities. The Throat chakra, as it’s also known, helps in expressing joy and happiness. When the Visuddha chakra is defective, you become unreasonable and expect unquestioning obedience. You are a hard taskmaster who may lose the love and respect of others.

The Ajna chakra is the highest expression of human polarity. Located between the eyes, it enhances your intuition and helps you get a clearer insight of your purpose in this life. Also referred to as the Third Eye chakra, it helps you cultivate your creativity and find new ways of looking at the world without fear of changing your opinions and viewpoints.

The last in the series of seven main chakras is the Crown chakra. Also known as the Sahasrara chakra, it is regarded as the gateway to infinite consciousness. You are completely aware and, ‘[l]ike a drop in the ocean, you are a portion of that ocean that comprises and includes every feature of it.’1 (Sharma, 2018)

As stated by Welteverede, ‘We begin our journey by trusting in providence in the first chakra. In the second we find a good skill. In the third we organi[s]e our life. In the fourth we reali[s]e balance. To continue, we gain a guru in the fifth. In the sixth we practice and find the guru within. In the seventh, we reach the ultimate awakening.’2 It follows that when all seven chakras are spinning at optimal level, the energies of the universe flow freely within you. You will feel happy and healthy in body mind and spirit. It’s that simple.

HH SwamiGuru is the Founder of 7C Life RealiZation Centre, an organisation that is aimed at teaching people to achieve clarity of mind and live successful lives by practising mindfulness.


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2. Weltevrede, P. Our Grand Chakra Journey. April/May/June 2018, Hinduism Today; page 49.

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