The Gift of Miracles

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season and there is much gift-giving going around. One of the gifts that many of us at 7C Life RealiZation Centre have chosen to give is a copy of HH SwamiGuru’s latest book, Making Miracles for the Self.


One of the projects we’ve started is called ‘Project Making Miracles Happen!’ The idea of this is quite simple: There may be someone that you feel will benefit from reading the book, absorbing the teachings and applying them. Instead of asking them to buy the book, you buy one as a gift for them. This gift is presented with the added condition that when this person sees miracles happen in his life, he will then buy the book and give it as a gift to someone he feels will benefit from its teachings.


For those who don’t know what to write as a dedication for the stranger, we’ve even composed a sample dedication which can be used. Here it is:


‘Hello [Name of person you’re giving the book to as a gift]


Welcome to ‘Project Making Miracles Happen!’


This special project starts with you reading this book. All the answers you seek are inside these pages. So, read it carefully and change for the better. No doubt, you’ll become the greatest person you can be. It is my wish that all the miracles in your life will unfold this very minute. Once this happens, remember to share them with others. Give the gift of a copy of ‘Making Miracles for the Self’ with someone else, just as I have done with you.


Let’s do this! Let’s make miracles happen for you, and for everyone you know.


From: [Your name]



Now, at a recent event held at the Centre called ‘Spend a Morning with SwamiGuru’ on 15 December 2019, we explained to the audience how this project works. Then, during the dialogue session, one person asked the following question: “How do I pass the book to a close family [sic.] in his 40s whose immediate response would be, “Oh no, I don’t need this book.”


When I heard this, it triggered a memory for me. While SwamiGuru was answering the question, I recalled an online story I’d recently. It was about the Co-Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and the gift he’d given to friends some years ago. The story goes that his wife was reading a book called ‘The Rosie Project’. From Wikipedia, this book is described as follows:


‘… the debut novel of Australian novelist Graeme Simsion. The novel centers on genetics professor Don Tillman, who struggles to have a serious relationship with women. With a friend’s help, he devises a questionnaire to assess the suitability of female partners. His plans are set off course when he meets Rosie, who does not fit many of Tillman’s criteria, but becomes a big part of his life. 


Bill Gates, after listening to his wife speak about the book on a number of occasions, decided to read the book himself. He was so impressed with the novel that, come Christmas, he gifted 50 copies of the novel to his friends.


Wasn’t this the same as what we were doing? Wasn’t our ‘Project Making Miracles Happen!’ similar to this? Could we get someone to buy multiple copies of the book and give it as gifts to others? And, just like that, SwamiGuru’s answer to the question a member of the audience asked began to filter through. Here is an edited version of SwamiGuru’s response:


It [Making Miracles for the Self] is changing people’s life. This book was bought by the CEO of the bank to empower the senior management of his company because now, when they’re empowered, the bank is going to grow in a big way. Now, when you tell that [to the 40-something-year-old who says he doesn’t need the book, he is bound to think,] ‘CEO of a bank has bought it, I must buy it.’

Also, if he says he doesn’t need the book, then say, “OK. I think that you’re right because I don’t think so you’re CEO material.” Then he’ll buy it. Give people what they like.


[Note: You can listen to SwamiGuru saying this in a video we created to address this – Why You NEED Making Miracles for the Self –]


In fact, other than the CEO of a local bank ordering 30 copies of the book, we have had health care professionals order 60 copies of the book and hoteliers order another 10. This doesn’t include the many individuals who come repeatedly to buy multiple copies of the book to give as gifts to their friends. Many have written to say that those they’ve given the book to have had miracles happen in their lives within moments of reading the book.


Here are some of the encouraging words:

I bought SwamiGuru’s book for some of my colleagues who I thought may need assistance in their lives with the condition that they think of a problem, flip the book and read a page with unwavering faith and the results were outstanding!!”


So, as the gift-giving season is underway, I am eager to see how many more people will have miracles happen in their lives the moment they read SwamiGuru’s book. Please let us know the moment you have a miracle take place in your life.


Author Info

Dinesh Tharman is the Head of Digital at 7C Life RealiZation Centre. He has a keen interest in all
things digital and an eye for detail in design.